About us

The Farnton Times is a community news outlet who’s name is derived from a 16th century spelling of the suburb of Farringdon, Sunderland.

Its main focus is the southwest of the City, which includes the areas of Doxford Park, the Herringtons, Gilley Law, Grindon, Silksworth and Thorney Close. It also covers the former coal mining communities of Houghton le Spring, Hetton le Hole, Penshaw and Shiney Row.

First established in 2020, the Farnton Times was previously known as simply “Farnton.org” which was a history organization focused on the heritage of the former Farringdon Hall estate. It conducted research on local history, while also engaging in philanthropy to fund the suburb’s first two blue heritage plaques on Anthony Road.

The decision to rebrand and expand our portfolio came with the recognition that focused on Farringdon history alone, the organization was simply too niche to establish itself. In now being known as The Farnton Times, the aspect of Farringdon, its history and its local interests remain, but with a broader scope.

The Farnton Times is a subsidiary of Sunderland Global Media, which constitutes its parent organization.