Dominic McDonough rides the storm of Conservative Backlash to be re-elected in St. Chads

St. Chad’s councillor Dominic McDonough was re-elected on Thursday night amidst a national backlash against the Conservative Party over their record in governing the country.

Despite that the Labour Party gained vote share throughout Sunderland, as the electorate voiced dismay of the national government, that has been beset with scandal and record unpopularity following the disastrous tenures of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, Dominic achieved 1296 votes against Labour’s Martin Old, increasing his own share by 10% in the process and bucking the trend.

In the Barnes, the Conservatives were not so lucky, and lost the seat to Labour’s Ehthesham Haque in a tightly fought race, while also losing ground to the Liberal Democrats in Fulwell. Throughout the rest of the country, the governing has largely taken a beating and lost scores of seats.

The victory in St. Chad’s is thus arguably attributed to Dominic’s very enthusiastic and pro-active attitude to his role as a local councillor. Always maintaining high visibility and attentiveness to local issues, he appears to be popular amongst locals.

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