The Farringdon Green Masterplan: An Estate Reborn

Farringdon has been a settlement in Sunderland with a visible trace of at least 700 years, and possibly longer if records can be found. A segment of the historical township of Silksworth, itself part of Bishopwearmouth, the history of the estate can be established first as a Monastic Grange of the Priory of Hexham and later a private manor and farm known as “Farringdon Hall” which was passed down through generations until it was purchased by Sunderland Council in 1950 and transformed into the housing estate we know today. has been at the frontline of raising public awareness and consciousness of this history, changing the way the area is perceived and subsequently calling for Farringdon’s revival. Farringdon is not just a suburb, it’s a historical place and by campaigning for it to be treat as such we aim to put this area back on the map and build on this legacy. We want Farringdon as an area that can be visited and embraced.

To do so, we’re calling for a number of changes that we want the community to get behind, what we describe as “The Farringdon Green Masterplan” that is the vision to transform the Anthony Road area, which is where the historical core of Farringdon and the manor was set, into a real “village green” akin to those seen in Southwick and Ryhope, a place of historical and natural interest which will improve the quality, aesthetic and appeal of the area.

To do this, we have firstly called for a Heritage Blue Plaque. To go up in the area detailing and commemorating the history of Farringdon Hall. We have made progress on this. St. David’s Church on Anthony Road have kindly volunteered to do so, but we await approval from Sunderland City Council who have been slow to respond to requests. We intend to keep this item on the local agenda and we are grateful for the support of local councillors in being receptive to our idea.

The next phase of the plan is to create the village green by turning a number of public domain grass patches around Anthony Road into neatly arranged Flower Beds, similar to what the community of Southwick heritage has been doing. This again will require approval and community support, but we are confident that this can work if people take the initiative. This will reflect the continuity between the past and present with Farringdon as a settlement and to ensure its longstanding heritage is not lost!

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