Farnton.org reveals New Farringdon Masterplan

Following the installation of our first heritage blue plaque. Farnton.org is now proud to further develop the “Farringdon Masterplan” that is a comprehensive program and vision to transform the area in synchronisation with the promotion of its history. The masterplan ties together a series of other proposals over the past year under a single umbrella.

What is the masterplan about?

Farnton.org is a community history organization that commits itself to promoting revival and pride in Farringdon, aiming to put the area back on the map. This is done through high quality historical research, but also investing in the physical improvement of the area too. Considering these principles, the new masterplan aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Aiming to establish Farringdon as an area of heritage, appeal and historical interest, rekindling its identity from a mere housing estate into a fusion of its past, with Anthony Road as the focal point of the area and its transformation.
  2. Making Farringdon a more visually appealing place to visit with a high quality experience, allowing to hold its own amongst destinations of interest in Sunderland.
  3. Establishing more unity, pride and cooperation amongst the Farringdon Community in a similar manner to what is being achieved in Southwick, and stronger means of community representation
  4. Improving local educational and recreational opportunities

What Will the Masterplan Consist of?

The specific objectives to achieve the masterplan will involve, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The Establishment of not just one, but multiple blue plaques following the “Southwick Village Green Model”. Following the inaugural Farringdon Hall plaque, a series of future ones will include details on 1) Robert Jackson, 2) Sir John Forster 3) Cuthbert Pepper 4) George Blakiston and 5) A one setting out the details of the Farringdon Grange from the Black Book of Hexham.
  2. The Establishment of a community garden and flowerbeds, this may also be done in conjunction with the Connor Brown Charity. This is with the goal of creating the eventual aesthetic of a “village green”, a community core.
  3. Investment in growing numbers of amenities around Anthony Road which may include Picnic Tables, new signs and other Street Decorations.
  4. A more long term ambitious campaign, beyond Anthony Road, to preserve, fund and arrange the area known as “Foxy Island” into a more properly arranged park, and irrespectively to protect the conservation of the area
  5. Establishing more activities and events in the area
  6. A view to drawing more private investment into Farringdon to establishing other facilities and areas of interest

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