The New Blue Plaque Marks the Start of A New Farringdon

On 10th November Farringdon’s first commemorative blue heritage plaque was installed on the front of an Anthony Road property, marking the legacy of the former hall estate and its medieval origins. Although it may seem at first glance only a small gesture, it is nonetheless a significant breakthrough in bringing to public consciousness the area’s history and helping transform the way people feel and understand Farringdon.

The plaque marks the first phase in what we have proposed as the “Farringdon Masterplan” of which largely centered upon Anthony Road, aims over the next few years to uplift, transform and place the estate firmly on the map. Chief of course to this strategy and everything we do, is rebuilding Farringdon’s contemporary identity through the promoting, anchoring and consolidating its history, allowing it to be transformed into a place of interest.

Previously, Farringdon may have been understood as a relatively unimportant post-war housing estate with a mixed reputation. Now however, our project is rekindling its incredible medieval heritage and “in exploring its past, carving out its future”. We will continue to refine and add to the masterplan accordingly, aiming to work with local authorities and organizations. But either way, this plaque does not just mark the area’s history, but also marks the start of a new Farringdon.


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