Farnton.org is Appointing A Local Committee

In 2021, Farnton.org, or “The Farringdon Community History Foundation” put its work into action and secured Farringdon’s first blue heritage plaque on Anthony Road. It has started this year by procuring a second as per the “Farringdon Masterplan” vision.

However, in order to move forwards, some changes are to be made. In starting 2022, we are happy to announce the organization will be recruiting and creating a committee in order to consolidate its presence on the ground and move forwards with its community plans. This will follow with the formal establishment of Farnton.org as a formal, non-profit organization.

The new committee will pursue the following tasks:

  1. Help promote Farringdon and its history and encourage local pride in the area
  2. Help organize and promote community related events with the goal of “getting the area back on the map”
  3. Engage in fundraising activities and establish a not-for-profit community fund for investing in Farringdon
  4. Build partnerships with other local organizations

There will be up to six committee positions available. Anyone is invited to apply, providing they are a) in good standing b) have some knowledge and passion for local history c) and interested in community work.

In order to apply for a committee position, please email your details to: Sunderlandgm@outlook.com

Farnton.org is a not-for-profit subsidiary under the ownership of Sunderland Global Group, of which is a registered company in England and Wales.


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