The Farringdon Green Masterplan: An Estate Reborn

Farringdon has been a settlement in Sunderland with a visible trace of at least 700 years, and possibly longer if records can be found. A segment of the historical township of Silksworth, itself part of Bishopwearmouth, the history of the estate can be established first as a Monastic Grange of the Priory of Hexham andContinue reading “The Farringdon Green Masterplan: An Estate Reborn”

Press Release: A Proposal to Recognize Farringdon’s History

For the past few months, has been conducting research into the history of Farringdon. In doing so, we have been able to reveal and compile a long lost story of the estate which stretches back over 700 years, all of which had been completely absent from public memory. The area is not just aContinue reading “Press Release: A Proposal to Recognize Farringdon’s History”