New Insight on the “Farringdon Carr”: A Prehistoric Site?

The “Farringdon Carr” was a swampland which was located on what is now the site of Farringdon Community Academy. Drained in the 1950s, it was also known colloquially as “Lea’s/Lee’s Pond” and from it sprung “Farringdon Burn” a stream of which run through the neighbouring “Foxy Island” and connected to Hendon Burn at Gilley Law.… is Appointing A Local Committee

In 2021,, or “The Farringdon Community History Foundation” put its work into action and secured Farringdon’s first blue heritage plaque on Anthony Road. It has started this year by procuring a second as per the “Farringdon Masterplan” vision. However, in order to move forwards, some changes are to be made. In starting 2022, we… reveals New Farringdon Masterplan

Following the installation of our first heritage blue plaque. is now proud to further develop the “Farringdon Masterplan” that is a comprehensive program and vision to transform the area in synchronisation with the promotion of its history. The masterplan ties together a series of other proposals over the past year under a single umbrella.…

The New Blue Plaque Marks the Start of A New Farringdon

On 10th November Farringdon’s first commemorative blue heritage plaque was installed on the front of an Anthony Road property, marking the legacy of the former hall estate and its medieval origins. Although it may seem at first glance only a small gesture, it is nonetheless a significant breakthrough in bringing to public consciousness the area’s…

Press Release: A Proposal to Recognize Farringdon’s History

For the past few months, has been conducting research into the history of Farringdon. In doing so, we have been able to reveal and compile a long lost story of the estate which stretches back over 700 years, all of which had been completely absent from public memory. The area is not just a…

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