Council to vote on plans for the future of the Farringdon Police Station site

Photo: The abandoned Farringdon Hall Police Station in 2020 (credit: SGM)

Sunderland City Council are set to vote on a series of plans for the site occupied by the former Farringdon Police station, local media have reported.

The police station, which closed in 2015 due to central government cuts, has become a local eyesore which has frequently attracted vandals, louts and been a source of anti-social behaviour.

But with new plans, the site could become B&M Home and Garden, a Costa Coffee drive-thru, Greggs, a tanning shop and a veterinary practice.

The development will provide a total of 110 parking spaces, including seven accessible bays and an eight-bay electric vehicle charging station.

Plans will also see new access arrangements with a primary access from North Moor Lane with a ‘left-turn only’ arrangement, a second exit point directly onto Durham Road and a connection through to the access road for the neighbouring McDonald’s unit.

The development is expected to bring 110 jobs to the local area.

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