Farringdon Carr, 1940s, the swamp site which would later become the secondary school

The suburb of Farringdon in the City of Sunderland has an extensive history which has largely been forgotten. To most locals, the area as it is known today was built as a post-war public housing estate in the 1950s, including its shops and schools on what was former farmland.

However, our research has been able to discover, through extensive searching of old records and archives, that the site has been in fact occupied for hundreds of years and had a little known existence in the Middle Ages dating to least at the 14th century as a small village which was first a monastic grange and then later a private estate. Bit by bit, we are working to piece this history together and restore a past which has been effectively lost.

This website serves to present information on the historical Farringdon otherwise known as “Farnton Hall” hence our choice of name We believe that history can only truly be understood by diving deep into the smallest moments and pushing beyond the horizons of what people know. In doing so we hope to change people’s perceptions of this estate forever.

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